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The Mind-Boggling Concept of Planning

Advice for planning with a spouse: bring the booze

I always thought of myself as a good planner and goal-setter. I’d set a goal, develop a plan for how to get there and every once in a while I’d actually achieve it. Sweetbreads and I have run two (very) small, but profitable, businesses in the past and that required a fair amount of forethought and also taught us a lot. However, I will tell you one thing for certain, no amount of experience in my prior life prepared me for the type of planning required to start a farm business.

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The Importance of Old Farm Blogs and Why I’m Sad A Favorite is Missing

As would-be farmers we love to read other farmer’s blogs. Not only is it a great way for us to learn through other people’s experiences (for free), but it also goes a long way in helping us visualize our future. We may not agree with everything (or anything) certain farmers do, but learning what we agree with and disagree with is all part of the process. We’re starting with a clean slate, so it pays to see, assess and digest as much of everything as possible.

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Into the Void

wheel-farmhouse-cheddar-cheese-cheese-landscapeCheesescape by Sweetbreads

Two weeks ago, I had a meeting with my boss. In one of those chilling moments you might have played out in your head when someone mentioned a “double dip”, he told me that “x brand” I direct is downsizing and can’t afford to have me anymore. Then a huge grin broke out on his face as he told me not to worry because, guess what?! There was a new job all lined up for me. The company that owns the small young designer label I direct(ed) also owns a massive Target-like brand that was just launched in Australia. The same senior director position there was open for me to take - take or be out o

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Twenty Mile, Three Day Hike with 300 Sheep - You Call that a Honeymoon?

I can hardly believe that it’s already been a week since we were with the sheep. Anversa degli Abruzzi is a small town tucked neatly into the Sagittario Valley between the picturesque mountainsides of Abruzzo, Italy. It was our mission to take Nunzio Marcelli’s sheep flock from Anversa to the top of the mountains in Chiarano. It was a ~20 mile, three day journey, full of cured meats, aged cheeses, many gallons of wine, bottles of moonshine grappa, and 300 sheep friends that we will never forget. Click on the thumbnails to see a rough approximation of our route.  

Click each image to enlarge

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Water Buffalo First Steps. I melt!

Water-Buffalo-First-StepsIn the area of Salento, Puglia, we visited a Buffalo Mozzarella maker and farm. La Masseria San Biagio is an old farmhouse that now supports a water buffalo herd and creamery as well as extensive wild herb and vegetable gardens, a young fruit orchard, and an educational farm.
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