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The Fading Art of Transhumance

Herding the goats and rams up to the pastures

Transhumance is the ancient process of seasonallt shepherding animals through large tracts of fresh pasture. Back before our animals were fed grain and kept inside warehouses or fenced in permanent dirt lots all day, shepherds would guide ruminant animals across public and private lands to consume forage at the optimal times of the year. In the summer the animals were brought to higher elevations as grasses and shrubs matured in the low country. Before humans came along animals would just do it themselves.

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From Puglia to Abruzzo, Cheesemaking Along the Way

We left Puglia on Monday and headed to Abruzzo. Puglia is relatively flat and very similar to the U.S. Southwest. Lots of cacti, palm trees and other desert plants. Abruzzo, however, is mountainous and lush and a welcome few degrees cooler (although still pretty hot!). Puglia is the olive oil region and Abruzzo is more focused on wine (montepulciano), although plenty of olive groves still dot the landscape. We've visited and made cheese (or at least watched the making of cheese) at three places thus far, one buffalo mozarella and two sheep's milk cheese. More photos after the jump:

 Newborn Water Buffalo at Masseria San Biagio in Calimera, Salento

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Eating Local in Italy, So Far No Other Option...

Local Meat and Butcher Shop in Ostuni, Italy

The wedding was fantastic and now we are on honeymoon in rural Italy. We are touring Puglia (the region most commonly referred to as "the heel of the boot") this week and heading to Abruzzo next week. We flew in to Bari and drove south, stopping in a few little towns along the way and ultimately reached our destination on a small road between San Vito dei Normanni and Carovigno. We were really looking forward to seeking out the best meats, cheeses, wines, etc that Puglia has to offer and so far it's been pretty simple.

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What's in a Name? Scrapple and Sweetbreads, Defined

Phew! A lot of activity going on over here. You may have noticed Sweetbreads has been on a mini-vacation from the blog as she prepares for our wedding this weekend (Sunday!). We've also had a change in plans to absorb, and on top of all that it looks like the economy might take another dive. Yikes. So with all that turmoil going on around us, we thought it might be a good time to give a little clarity on why we're using pseudonyms (for the time being).

Images from Accidental Hedonist, Midlife Magazine, domesticesq, and chomposaurus.wordpress

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Our First Farm Heartbreak

Ok, maybe the heartbreaking cheese graphic is a little overboard, but still!

As we’ve posted about previously, the biggest update in our farming adventure thus far was an apprenticeship for Sweetbreads at Sprout Creek Farm starting this January and ending next June. We were planning to pick up our lives in Brooklyn and head out to Poughkeepsie to lay down some cheesemaking roots. Sweetbreads would say farewell to her office life and spend her days over the vat. I would keep my job in the city so we could pay our bills and continue to save. This was a big step for us and we were fully committed. We spent two full days at Sprout Creek this spring. One day visiting the farm, meeting the team and watching the goings-on from afar, and another day getting our hands dirty, milking the animals and actually making some cheese. We had been hashing out the details since early March and in June we got final confirmation about the apprenticeship. We were very excited and started to make plans for our new lives. We told our families and friends and I even made arrangements with my employer to commute four days per week and work one day per week from the new home. Everything was looking up!

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