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To Blog or Not to Blog, is that the Question?

Come on outta that shell little guy

Sometimes I debate with Sweetbreads about what to blog and what not to blog. At first the idea of not blogging about something never really crossed my mind. That was until we pre-emptively discussed an internship opportunity that ultimately didn’t pan out. For us, that wasn’t a whole lot of fun to blog about. No one enjoys putting their life plans out there and then seeing them go unrealized. So we largely wrote off the idea of making a similar “mistake” in the future.

But is that really the correct decision? Aren’t we being a little contradictory? I mean, after all, this is a story about our hopes and dreams. The readers should experience the ups as well as the downs. If we want to help share our story and provide a real life example of what it’s like to make the transition from city life to country life we shouldn’t avoid difficult topics.

What got me thinking about all this was the fact that we’ve been blogging for five months now and I wonder whether we’ve done a great job communicating our progress along the way? One reason I probably feel we could do better is because we’re not actually doing a whole lot of anything besides planning right now. To that end, we have done our best to explain how we plan, what we plan and some of the tools we’ve used. We have refrained, however, from sharing some actual progress and milestones that we’ve achieved along the way.

Again, the rationale for not divulging some of the big steps along the way was that we were afraid. We were afraid that the plans would fall through, or that we would somehow jinx our future. This was a natural result of prior experiences. Once bitten, twice shy.

So I want to correct that a bit. In future posts we’ll detail some of our progress and discuss more about what we’re going through. I hope that we can provide an accurate history of our journey, including a discussion of the uncertain future that awaits.