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Thunder Ann Beer Bar (Lemongrass Basil)

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4.75 oz | 134 g ℮

Body, Shampoo, & Shaving Bar

Exfoliating Lemongrass & Basil beer bar for body.

Our Beer soaps are great for head to toe washing, shaving, and can even be used as shampoo! Beer contributes to an abundant lather, while goat's milk adds moisturizing characteristics that will leave you silky smooth.

We add a sprinkle of ground organic hop leaves to each Thunder Ann soap bar, a friendly reminder of where your beer (and your soap!) comes from to gently polish skin.

Jackalope Thunder Ann BeerBeer is rich in amino acids, minerals and vitamins. Most notably, beer contains B5 - pantothenic acid, which improves texture and luster of both skin and hair. All of our Jackalope Beer soaps are great for shaving and can even be used as shampoo! Beer contributes to an abundant lather, while goat's milk adds moisturizing characteristics that will leave you silky smooth.

Jackalope Brewery in Nashville, TN is named after a mythical creature, and so are it's brews! Learn more about Jackalope, here

Goat's Milk: Goat's milk is gentle, nourishing, and full of moisturizing butterfat that soothes dry or irritated skin. Because of its unique structure, in particular its short protein strands, the abundance of natural minerals and vitamins in our goat's milk is easily absorbed into your skin, helping to moisturize, protect, and heal. Anti-aging alpha hydroxy acids and vitamins A & D brighten and gently resurface skin.

Our goat's milk is always fresh from our sustainably and humanely raised herd. At Little Seed Farm, the goats spend their days in the sun and fresh air while rotational grazing on our organically maintained pastures. This practice nurtures goat health holistically and rehabilitates the earth by improving soil microbe diversity and fertility on our 84 acre farm.

Organic Olive Oil: Full of hydrophilic antioxidants that help to form a protective barrier, trapping moisture on your skin and allowing for longer hydration. We use cold pressed, certified organic oils to ensure that only the good stuff comes through in our soap.

Lemongrass Basil - A lemony herbal scent. 

Cleanse skin with a rich lather and then rinse only until the suds have disappeared to reap the maximum moisturizing benefits from your Farmstead Milk Soap.

This leaves a silky layer of natural goodness to protect and heal your skin.

Please Note: We don't use palm oil (a hardening oil) in our soap for ethical and environmental reasons. As a result, our bars will soften if left in a pool of water.

To help keep your bar at its best, please keep it in a draining soap dish away from direct streams of water.

Ingredients: Saponified Virgin Organic Olive Oil* and Organic Coconut Oil*, Grassfed Goat's Milk**, Thunder Ann Beer, Organic Lemongrass Essential Oil*, Organic Basil Essential Oil*, Organic Cascade Hops*.