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Adapting to Change

It’s officially been a full six months on the farm. In a lot of ways it seems longer. In more ways the time completely flew by. When I think about the transition, the best part for me is that we’re happy out here and enjoying our time together. We’ve had friends describe our situation as the ultimate test for a newlywed couple. Giving up every aspect of day-to-day life for a completely new set of challenges. Jumping from millions of people to just the two of us. Working separate day-jobs to working together constantly. It was no small feat and we’re more excited about the future than we ever were before.

Another area where we’ve grown is in our ability to adapt to change. In the city life was very structured, relatively easy to predict and if something went off-track it could easily be set back on track. Out here it’s a lot different. When something changes, we, as a farm, have to adapt. I see it with the animals and the plants every day. It’s a key factor in their survival. Everything out here wants to survive no matter what changes are happening around them. There is no giving up, and I love that aspect of nature.

That has to be true for us as well. Life doesn’t always go as planned. In fact, a lot about our future on the farm has changed in the past month. In the coming weeks we’ll share more, but for now I get a lot of inspiration from the farm and our wonderful companions that make each day that much more inspiring.