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Addendum to The Cotton Trailer Saga

As I reflected on The Cotton Trailer Saga blog post, I realized there were some critical omissions. Omissions that were a direct result of the fact that stuff like this happens every day and certain things that would seem completely ridiculous to me a year ago are now pretty run of the mill.  

So what did I leave out?  

Well, for one, my wife, Eileen, is 7 months pregnant and was with me when the flat blew out. Thankfully, she's about the coolest wife you could ask for and was not screaming and yelling at me for being a dumbass and picking up a giant trailer with old tires and bringing her along for the ride. Not only that, but it's July and Tennessee gets a little bit warm around this time of year, so standing by the trailer trying to figure how to get out of this mess she didn't once complain or anything of the sort. I'm a lucky guy.

Secondly, Eileen's MOM was coming to the farm at that very moment . Literally. My mother-in-law and Eileen's grandfather were pulling off the highway at the instant our tire went flat. "Um, Mom, James has this 36 foot long trailer that just got a flat near Lebanon and we were wondering if you could come pick me up so I could milk the goats while he figures this out?"

Yeah, those kinds of conversations don't really strike me as unusual anymore.  

So there you have it, thankfully I have the best family a beginning farm man could ask for. 

- James