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Broody Guinea Update - Nest Raided

Our broody guinea hen is still gettin' broody. She's entering her fourth week, which should be the final week. Luckily, she chose a nice shady spot because she also chose the middle of  heat-wave to sit on those eggs.

About a week ago I noticed her off the nest looking down at the nest perplexedly. She was kind of circling the eggs and bobbing her head up and down. I walked over to see what was up and she quickly sat on it. Later that day she was off the eggs eating so Sweetbreads went to look and lo and behold only nine eggs remained. Previously, there were 23 plus one giant turkey egg that we snuck under her. Now 14 eggs were missing and the turkey egg was gone too. I imagine there's a bloated snake out there somehwere. No eggshells in sight, something made off with 'em.

The nest as it stands todayNest prior to egg raid

Wednesday or Thursday she should hopefully hatch out the remainder, assuming whatever ate the others doesn't come back for seconds...


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