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Earth Day Recap 2023

Earth Day 2023


All of us here at Little Seed Farm would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to YOU — our amazing customers. With your support and our partnership with One Tree Planted, we'll be planting 11,326 trees, creating nearly 30 acres of new forest! These trees will contribute to the restoration of ecosystems, the reduction of carbon emissions, and the creation of habitats for wildlife. Your commitment to sustainability and caring for the Earth is truly inspiring. Together, we're making a difference!

11,326 Trees = 28.3 Acres of New Forest

The number of trees per acre can vary depending on factors like tree species and planting density. According to the Arbor Day Foundation, the average recommended spacing for a forest planting is between 12-15 feet apart. Using a conservative estimate of 400 trees per acre (15 feet apart), our 11,326 trees would create approximately 28.3 acres of new forest. This new forest will not only provide essential environmental benefits but also support biodiversity by creating habitat for various plants, animals, and insects.

11,326 Trees = 9,174 lbs. of Air Pollution Reduced

Trees help filter harmful pollutants from the air. According to the USDA Forest Service, a tree can remove 0.12 to 1.5 pounds of air pollutants per year. Taking the average value (0.81 pounds), our 11,326 trees will reduce air pollution by approximately 9,174 pounds annually, contributing to cleaner air and improved public health.

11,326 = Oxygen for 22,652 People

A mature tree produces enough oxygen for two people each year (NC State University). Our 11,326 trees will generate oxygen for 22,652 people! By planting these trees, we're helping to ensure cleaner air for everyone.

11,326 Trees = 543,648 lbs. of CO ² Absorbed

With each mature tree absorbing approximately 48 pounds of CO2 per year (U.S. Department of Energy), our 11,326 trees will sequester an impressive 543,648 pounds of CO2 annually! That's a substantial contribution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and combating climate change.

11,326 Trees = 11 Million Gallons of Water

A single mature tree can intercept up to 1,000 gallons of stormwater per year (USDA Forest Service). Our 11,326 trees will collectively intercept an astounding 11,326,000 gallons of stormwater annually, reducing the risk of flooding and erosion, and protecting our waterways.

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