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From Puglia to Abruzzo, Cheesemaking Along the Way

We left Puglia on Monday and headed to Abruzzo. Puglia is relatively flat and very similar to the U.S. Southwest. Lots of cacti, palm trees and other desert plants. Abruzzo, however, is mountainous and lush and a welcome few degrees cooler (although still pretty hot!). Puglia is the olive oil region and Abruzzo is more focused on wine (montepulciano), although plenty of olive groves still dot the landscape. We've visited and made cheese (or at least watched the making of cheese) at three places thus far, one buffalo mozarella and two sheep's milk cheese. More photos after the jump:

 Newborn Water Buffalo at Masseria San Biagio in Calimera, Salento

 Fresh Buffalo Mozzarella Masseria San-Biagio

Maria Usala Sharing Her Fresh Ricotta Secrets - We'd Tell You, but We'd Have to Kill You

Making Aged Pecorino with Fiorello at La Porta dei Parchi


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