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Happy Friday Updates (happy happy!)

Many of you have been asking about Blue and Willow... Well - we have news on both of them and thought we'd bang out a quick update to add to your Friday cheer!

Willow Update: Ta-daaaaah! Willow can stand on her own and even walk a few steps as of yesterday afternoon! One of my best friends is here visiting. Both of us used to ride, but Katie was also a master wrapper. We splinted Willow's weakest leg (her other front leg is her strongest) and reinforced one of her hind pasterns. Just a few minutes later and with a little assistance she was up! What a feeling. Then this morning she was able to get up all by herself (with much thrashing and wiggling, but hey - it's a start!). Yesterday, the neighbor who gave us Willow called to chat and had some sad news. He told us that Willow's brother and several other kids had been attacked and taken by turkey vultures. Willow is the sole survivor from her group. We are so proud of her for hanging in there through all of this and being such a trooper.

Blue Update: Big Blue is back! A few days ago, when I went out to get the goats for the evening milking, I saw Sophie and Sheeba run over to a spot in the front pastures, tails wagging. I looked closer - it was Blue they were running to! Now, we had seen him about once a day, but anytime we'd try to come and say "Hi" he'd scamper back off into the woods. I went just inside the gate, sat on the ground, and called Sophie and Sheeba over and started acting really playful. You know - limbs flapping, silly voice... Well, they came over and Blue came too with his tail wagging. He came right up to me and let me give him a hug and pet him. After a few minutes I snapped a lead onto his collar and brought him into the barn and pen we put the goats in for milking time. Sophie came too to keep him company. We've been visiting with him and taking him for walks again and soon he should be ready to guard some goats! He seems happy to be back from the wild and ready to be a part of our family... I guess he needed some time to arrive at that conclusion by himself, but we're sure glad he did.

Have a great weekend everyone and thank you all so much for your thoughtful comments and support. It brightens every one of our days!