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Have You Seen Little Seed Farm?

We’ve been traveling back and forth between Tennessee all year long. Why you may ask? Well, that’s where Little Seed will eventually cast it roots and we’re pretty damn excited! As I mentioned last week, we were a bit hesitant to broadcast that fact to the world because we weren’t really sure whether it would all work out as planned. Well, we’re still not totally sure, but we’re pretty hopeful and we can’t really contain it anymore.

About a month ago we finally found a property that we fell in love with AND it was within our price range! We pretty much knew since last spring that Tennesse was where we wanted to be and it was just a matter of finding the right place for the right price. It took a solid nine months of searching and lots of back and forth, but it was ultimately worth it and we couldn’t be happier. Our offer was accepted and thus far everything has checked out in terms of inspections, financing, etc. We’re hoping to close on it before the end of the year and get our feet wet early next spring. Now it’s just a matter of time!

If you’ve read our past few blog posts you may have noticed a few pictures that lacked captions. Those are pictures of the future location of Little Seed Farm (we hope). The back pastures were shown in this post, the driveway here, and a rogue turtle here.

So why Tennessee?

I’m sure we’ll talk more about it in future posts, but for us the biggest draw was the burgeoning community of young and beginning farmers and the fantastic opportunity to be part of local food movement's growth. While Tennessee's local food movement is still in its nascent stages, throughout our visits we met several farmers and food purveyors that were laser-focused on developing the local and artisanal food industry in the state. We hope our contribution will further spur consumer awareness of local and sustainable food options and we look forward to joining the team.

Almost as important is the BBQ. We're only kind of kidding! Scrapple lived in TN for four years and is an expert in the subtleties of barbecue (at least the eating part). Sweetbreads is a recent convert and pulled pork addict. Both of us agree that there's nothing quite like the southern hospitality you experience in Tennessee and we're excited to make it our home. More updates to come!