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How It's Made: Deo Edition

Ever wondered what kind of magic goes into creating your favorite Little Seed Farm Deodorant Cream? Read on as we pull back the curtain and invite you backstage to see how we whip up each jar of our all-natural, skin-loving deo!

1. The Blend

Every batch starts with our select blend of natural, organic ingredients - arrowroot powder, coconut oil, and more. These earth-born wonders are mixed to perfection, ensuring you get a smooth, soothing cream that loves your pits as much as you do

2. Essential Oil Magic

No artificial fragrances here! We stir in pure essential oils, infusing each batch with the all-natural scents you know and love. Orange Vetiver, anyone?

3. Jar Time

Next, we fill our sustainable glass jars with fresh creamy Deo and after a quality check, seal the deal with a recyclable metal lid.

4. Off To You!

Now the jars are ready to embark on their journey! We ship our deodorants using compostable, biodegradable and plastic-free packing materials. As the final touch, each package comes with a handwritten note of gratitude. Next stop? Your bathroom shelf (and underarms!)

@littleseedfarm 🌅🐓It’s time to make the Deo! #naturaldeodorant #regenerativefarming ♬ original sound - Little Seed Farm