Making Something Out of Nothing

In actuality, this should be titled making something out of a giant bramble of blackberry, honeysuckle, wild rose and poison ivy. 

When we first found our place it had been uninhabited for over 2 years. With 35+ inches of rainfall per year things can grow pretty fast. Needless to say, we've found many "buried treasures". Or should I say, "the goats have found many buried treasures". 

As I mentioned a couple weeks ago, the goats ate through an enormous patch of forage and uncovered all kinds of good stuff. In particular are 6 old fence gates, a roll of fencing, a few decent t-posts, lots of cedar posts (although most are rotted), a dump cart and some wheels to a trailer. 

What to do with all this new found stuff? Finding 'junk' on the farm is either a homerun or a strikeout, in this case I'd say it's a homerun. 

In late October and early November we'll be breeding the dairy goats. Since we want to monitor who breeds who and when they are bred we'll need a 'love shack'. I'm thinking of using the t-posts and the old gates to construct the love shack. Either that or make a chute of some sort for handling the cows and/or pigs. We could also make it a pen for when Sophie comes into heat.

So many options. What would you do with a bunch of old gates and posts?

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