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Many Hands

We've been lucky enough to have not one, but three visitors here on the farm for the past few days and man has it been a treat! Scrapple's sister came for the week on Monday and two of our friends from the city arrived on Thursday. It has been so lovely to have their company and the opportunity to show them around and watch them enjoy the farm. These visitors weren't here just to smell the roses, they came ready to work! In addition to the usual daily feedings, milkings and cleanings, we made cheese and ice cream, rotated the goat paddock, cleaned out the keet's brooder (it's HUGE), moved the cow paddock, set up two new paddocks for the piggies, repaired the cow shelter (which broke again a day later in the 2nd storm this week), weaned "The Buckling" (Mayday's baby), and cooked up a storm. I'm actually sure I'm missing a few things in that list