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Mister P and Nevat, When Farming Gets Real

Mister P, our resident Pekin duck, and Nevat, our Great Pyrenees puppy, have an interesting relationship. Since day one, Mister P has had it in for Nevat. He travels great lengths to let Nevat know who's boss. Surprisingly, Nevat is quite accepting of this fact.

I've literally watched our fearless, white duck waddle across the entire yard to peck at Nevat's fur. He pulls out tufts of hair and really goes to town on her. To her credit, she just lets it happen. 

Now, Nevat is no saint. She chases down ducks, guineas and chickens on a regular basis, and we scold her for it, and it drives me a little crazy. But for some reason she doesn't have the same tendency for "playfulness" with Mister P. Sure, she'll give him a soft paw to face, or maybe chew on his beak a little, but it's not the pouncing that the other birds get when Nevat is being bad.

I've been trying for months to get this on video, but I'm always too caught in the moment, laughing my head off. And it never lasts long. Mister P is a sniper. He moves in with a rapid waddle, snaps his beak with extreme ferocity, removes as much fur as possible, and quacks himself back to safety. Nevat never knew what hit her. 


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