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Postcards from Little Seed - 10.13.12

We've been building a hoop house for hay storage this winter. It's almost finished - we'll be starting on the end walls today!

We were excited to break into one of our 2 week ashed bloomy rind cheeses last week. It was delicious and we can't wait to try them again at 3 weeks! The flavor has amazing depth thanks to the raw milk from our pastured herd. Can't buy cheese like this in the states!

Wynona, always the curious one, hanging out with me at milking time.

The rainy season here in TN has officially begun and our winter garden is loving it. We've been gobbling up bok choy, arugula, and kale daily and finally the winter squash have started coming in.


A gigantic (5' in diameter) tree fell on our fence line. While we were back in the woods trying to clear it, I came across this little sapling with these crazy berry bean things hanging from it! Does anyone know what they are?!?

"Hey, Goatlady! I think it's my turn now, please." How could I resist a face like this?

Our fall colors.


A banded garden orb weaver, or rather, a troupe of them, has been festooning the pastures with gorgeous, gigantic, perfect webs nightly.

Our kids. Too cool for school. (Willow really really wants to be one of the gang).