Postcards from Little Seed - 6.16.12

Our Guinea Mobile and some of the Herd, grazing at sunset.
Baby birds above the barn overhang, they just hatched this past week.
Details of the coop (I really love the old trailer we used). I had a dough "accident" turn into awesome whole wheat grilled flatbread.I'm a sucker for clouds, and Rays.Prepping a deliciously stinky hunk of freshly made feta for brining.
Collecting wild thistles for a cheese experiment next week. Untying/unwrapping feta from the cheesecloth.
3 gallons of our raw goat's milk ready to become that hunk of feta above.
Searching for the piglets alone in the woods, I found this.Two tiny red feathers. Scarlet Tanager, or Cardinal?

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