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Postcards from Little Seed 6.25.12

Queen Anne's lace has popped up all over the front pasture. I used to dislike it as a kid, but now I'm totally enthralled...

Sophie, taking her daily mud bath in the pond.
The "house guineas" left this bitsy feather in the barn.

The guinea keets getting ready for bed, finding their spots on the roosts in the mobile coop.Sheeba and Izzy, heading back to the goats at sunset in the pastures. Izzy is usually in with the goats 24/7, but about once a week we let her take a run around the perimeter with Sheeba to reconnect with her sister and the rest of the farm.Sophie, passed out under the Guinea Mobile, after her daily mud bath in the pond.

Mayday's morning rampage started out with the demolition of some rose and blackberry bushes. She lagged behind the rest of the goats on her way to the barn to be milked to finish them off.
Flustered that she had been left behind, and in a bramble feast induced haze, she trotted up to the side gate instead of the open back gate. This tactic did not work. Mayday was a little peeved....So she took it out on my bike.