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Postcards from Little Seed - 8.1.12

I tried my hand at waxing a wheel of cheese (a raw milk goat cheddar) for the first time this past week. My technique needs some improvement (wax needs to be hotter), but it was still pretty satisfying to stick this one in the "cave".

The indirect sunset action here has been amazing the past 2 weeks... Could it have something to do with the raging thunderstorms we've been having?
The grass in the Herd's new paddock on Sunday was taller than the goats! Mayday is our most aggressive forager - she can't get enough of those greens!

We've been consuming more feta than most would consider humanly possible. A perfect cheese for the stifling weather we've been having. One of my favorite ways is crumbled over watermelon and mint.

Our neighbor gave us these cleomis plants when they were just little 3" seedlings. She had saved seed from last year's blooms and started quite a few from seed. She thoughtfully brought me her extras and now they're gigantic and gorgeous. Their flower is so unique and striking. We've been enjoying them all summer.My little milking buddy. Sigh.

Our first sunflower finally bloomed at about 10 feet in the air. Perhaps why this variety is named "Mammoth Sunflower"?

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