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Spring Storm

We had our first real thunder storm here on the farm yesterday. At around 5pm thunder started rumbling in the distance and a big low black cloud emerged on the skyline. It moved closer and closer until it was right above us, seemingly touching the tops of the trees.Thunder sounded more like a light saber swing and crash than the usual bowling - a spine tingling loud reverberating buzz that sounded like it could split mountains. Wind whipped and for a few minutes it "snowed" petals from the trees. Lightning darted in long, sometimes intertwining veins, looking like cracks across the sky and rain came at us sideways, seemingly from all directions. We were curious to see if Sophie would hide out in the barn or her shelter, but she was out and about, unconcerned with the flashing and booming, patrolling and chasing away the LGD from a neighboring farm that came over once it really got ugly to look for a cozy place to hunker down for the storm.And then and hour later, with the same suddeness it arrived, it stopped. When we peeked our heads outside to check on the coop, there was a beautiful double rainbow (the 2nd one is on the left - very faint in the photo). And moments later, on the other side of the farm, an amazing sunset. Man, I love this place.