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Getting Local Food Beyond the Coasts

n the recently released USDA study Direct and Intermediated Marketing of Local Foods in the United States there's a section dedicated to local food sales by region. Perhaps not surprisingly, the majority of local and direct-marketed food sales take place on the West coast and in the Northeast region (see map below). In this post I'll try to identify why this situation exists and some ideas for how it can be remedied.

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DIY Holiday Gifts - Mulled Wine Sachets

mulled wine, diy gift, sachet, spiced wineGot lots of craft and no cash? Got a farm to save for? Well, you're in good company! Scrapple and I have decided to make all of our gifts this season and over the next few days I'll be sharing a few of the goodies we'll be packing up for family and friends. First up - Mulled Wine Sachets. Scrapple's mulled wine has become the stuff of legends after being our holiday party go-to for the past 2 years. When it's cold outside, nothing beats a steaming cup of the good stuff - bring on the holiday cheer!
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First Time Farm Buyer's Checklist

If your barn looks like this, you might need some insurance... 
First time farm buying? We are. Heck, it’s pretty much the first time we’ve bought anything. We bought one car and a couple college educations, but that’s about it in terms of valuable assets, and only one of those is tangible. We don’t even have the car anymore. So buying a house and bunch of land was quite an experience. We won’t officially close until the end of next week, but everything is all lined up and now we just gotta show up and sign the dotted lines.
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Unearthing the Dream

Each Monday at Noon I'll be posting over on the Farm Dreams site as "The Aspiring Farmer". Every other weekday you'll find posts on homesteading, cheesemaking and more. Here's a glimpse at the first post. If you haven't scoped out the new site yet, go check it out!

The Aspiring Farmer Blog

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To Kill a Roasting Bird

I walked down the dirt road to the processing room with camera in pocket, eager to document our first experience of transforming a living animal into something recognizable as "dinner". I love taking pictures and envisioned shooting beautiful and arresting images of the process. They would be respectful of the animals giving their lives to feed us, while at the same time, unflinchingly direct and honest. 
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