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Saving our First Seeds - Lavender

separating my lavender seeds from the flowers I’ve always found seed saving to be a very romantic idea. One invoking dusty jars half way full of satiny seeds of different shades and sizes - maybe even of a grandmother passing one of those jars to her grand daughter as she departs for life in a distant country... sigh! The beauty behind the sustainability, resourcefulness, and independence in seed saving is just as compelling to me. There are many reasons why you might want to start seed saving. Saving seeds encourages the continuation of ecological diversification by keeping heritage and rare breeds from being wiped out. Saving and replanting seed is to engage in the cycle of life and the idea that doing so can now be seen as a controversial activity is more than just a little unnerving. It’s a very interesting topic worth learning about and I’d like to share a video from one of my favorite seed saving champions, Vandana Shiva with you for a good intro...