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Rotationally Grazing the Goats on Pasture

 Since we started putting the goats out on pasture we’ve received a surprising amount of interest about the method we’re using. I certainly don’t think it’s the best method, but it works for us right now and over time I’m sure it will change a lot. In fact, we’ve already made a number of changes since we first started a couple weeks ago.

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Happy Mother's Day!

To our Moms, who's love and support has made us who we are and all the Mothers reading this - Thank you for being so amazing!

Here's a little Mother and "Kid" moment from this past week at the farm we thought we'd share with you for the occasion. At around 11am, after a morning of grazing, the goats all take a little rest to bask in the sun, nap, and chew cud. Sabine, The Buckling, and Springbok always lie right next to their Mom, Mayday. Sometimes, there's some snuggling going on. Springbok (a yearling) is in her teenager stage and wouldn't be caught dead getting a back rub from Mom, but Sabine is all for it!

Hope you all have a special day!


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No Margin for Error

For the most part things have been smooth around here. Every day has its random, unexpected event, but for the most part we haven’t had any major blow-ups. Except for one. It took me a bit to write about it because I don’t really like writing about when crappy stuff happens. There’s enough of that in the world, you don’t need to hear it from us too. But when something happens that other people could learn from I do want to share it. 
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Chickens Only

Wynonna the Wyandotte, settling into a nice dust bath.

The more time we spend with our animals, the more entertaining they become. The chickens are one of my favorite clans to watch as they free-range around the farm. They mostly stick around the coop and barn area, but I recently discovered their secret hideout, right next to the house. One day I was out checking on our garden beds, no chickens in sight, when I heard a little squawk and then silence. I looked around, still no chickens. Then, a few minutes later I saw Elvis, our Silkie rooster, heading toward the rose bushes. He stopped at the edge of the rose bed, and then quickly ducked inside.

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Homemade Sourdough Starter - Capturing Wild Yeasties

My sourdough starter on day two, bubbling away.

Something my city self had imagined my country self doing every week once we moved here was baking fresh, delicious, crusty, bread. Ha - yeah, right! As people say, "life happens", and lately, it has really been happening. Despite the best of plans and intentions, there's always an unexpected event that sucks up a good chunk of the day and just having the time and energy to clean up after dinner can seem like a stretch. It started to look like bread making might be joining the more obscure "to-do wishes" on my list (like making a hat band from our guinea feathers and painting a Dutch hex on our well house... maybe next year??). 

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