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Coyote Night - Sleepy Guard Dogs

Sophie, the Maremma puppy, looking particularly sleepy

Last night was the first rowdy coyote night we've had. It started around dusk with a couple coyotes howling. The dogs went nuts, obviously, running to the perimeter of the farm where the noise came from. With rainfall down dramatically this year water's getting hard to come by. We still have a little bit of water in our old ponds, but not a lot. Something's better than nothing, however, and I suspect that's what the coyotes are after. We do have baby goats around too, so I'm sure the coyotes aren't missing out on that either, but there's plenty of wildlife around that would be much easier prey than our goats. The goats are inside two fences, one is electric, and they have three dogs protecting them. Previously when we've seen coyotes on the property they headed straight for the north pond and then left (or were chased out). 

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Egg Mobile for the Guineas - a.k.a The Guinea Mobile

Towing the Guinea Mobile out to pasture. It dual purposes as a shelter and shade shack for goats and guard dogs

Most of our readers are probably familiar with egg mobiles. Egg mobiles are the glorified apparatuses used by famed alternative farmer Joel Salatin and many other small-scale farmers to produce eggs from chickens out on pasture. The idea is simple: A mobile chicken coop is moved around with ruminant animals (typically cows) in order to clean up the pasture (dig through cow patties) and provide a free-range habitat for chickens to express their chicken-ness (eat lots of bugs and bathe in the dirt). 

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Meanwhile, Back at the Farm

Janis, showing us how she really feels...When stuff like the piglet escapade happens everything else on the farm stands still. No goats need milking, no pastures rotating, meals cooking, gardens weeding.
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Postcards from Little Seed - 6.9.12

Sophie and the Herd on a misty morning this past week.
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Victory is Ours! - Piglet Porkout- The Final Chapter (For Now)

Sheba, under NO circumstances are you to let those little piglets out of your sight. I know they're cute, but don't fall for it

Three full days after they first escaped, the two boar piglets were still on the loose and seemingly happier than pigs in, well, you know. The first few days we were worried about them. By day four, after a full day of piglet evasion tactics at their finest (under the trap, over the trap, around the trap...), we were just worried we'd never catch them. I even voiced possible acceptance of the worst case scenario of the boars running wild on our property. They'd have no qualms about slipping through the electric fence to visit their impounded ladies for a "marital" visit, and as long as they had reason to stay around, maybe they wouldn't go off and form a pack of wild pigs... Yeah, maybe not the best idea! But that should give you a good idea of where we were. 

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