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It's been hard to keep this one a secret, but excited to finally announce that as of September 2015, all Little Seed products will be produced using 100% renewable energy - we're going solar! We've long been committed to having a positive impact on the environment, so after years of hoping and planning, we're proud to finally achieve this goal. Our hearts are happy. 

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Using Animals as Lawn Mowers: Pros and Cons

I've always loved the concept of using animals as lawn mowers.  Since well before we had any animals I dreamed of ruminants grazing the lawn and never having to worry about a mower.

So when I saw our pals at Rough Draft Farmstead posting about their Lambmowers and simultaneously engaging in a "animals as lawn mowers" conversation with a Facebook follower, I got back to day dreaming about the day when lawn mowing and weed whacking would not be necessary.

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Raw Milk Cheese From Little Seed

Our raw goat's milk brie style cheese - Calima.Our raw goat's milk brie style cheese - Calima.

Many of you have probably seen photos of our cheese and ramblings about a "cheese herd-share" or a "cheese CSA" on Facebook or Instagram and wondered what was going on. Well, let us fill you in, because it's been a huge leap for us this year and we just realized that we never posted about it on the blog!

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Combining the Herd

Walking the herd back to pasture for the first time.Walking the herd back to pasture for the first time.

About a week ago we decided to combine the baby goat herd with the big goat herd. For the past 16 weeks the babies were managed separately as we slowly weaned them off milk and transitioned them to a grassfed diet. Most farms would wean the baby goats onto grain and hay, or a combination of grain and pasture. We decided to go straight to 100% pasture. All of our goats that are not being milked are entirely grassfed. This is possible because of our rotational grazing system.

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EQIP Grant for Water Lines & Rotational Grazing

The first time I hooked a hose up... I wasn't about to wait for the trenches to be filled inThe first time I hooked a hose up... I wasn't about to wait for the trenches to be filled in

Last winter we applied for what's known as an "EQIP" grant. EQIP stands for Environmental Quality Incentives Program and is sponsored by the USDA. Within the USDA, the funding comes from the National Resources Conservation Service and is aimed at supporting agricultural conservation practices across the country. Every county receives funding, as do the individual states as a whole.  The funding is used as a cost-sharing measure to encourage farmers to preserve the landscape and return to farming practices that do not destroy the earth.

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