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"You're Not a Farm, Why Call Yourself a Farm?"

Sometimes I think to myself, “What are we doing with a website and a blog and a name for a fictional farming entity that has never produced a single product?” I also frequently wonder, “What the heck do other people think of all this?” Here we are, two city-folk with no background in farming, no real experience on a farm, and we have all this stuff online purporting to be “Little Seed Farm”. Not only that, but we are using pseudonyms! Strange, right? If I were in the reader’s shoes would I be thinking about the absurdity of what we’re doing? Probably. So maybe it would help to explain some of our thinking.
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The Little Seed Vision

And the Calf says, "So what's this Little Seed business all about anyway?"

What's Little Seed All About?

We’ve received a number of questions recently about our vision for the farm and what we want to produce. It’s a difficult question to answer, but it’s important to share some of our thoughts as we get started.
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The Hummingbird and the Fire - A Story

Just wanted to share a story that we love. It's about a hummingbird and a fire, as told by Nobel Peace Prize winner Wangari Maathai. Even if you've seen it a million times it's always inspriational and moving. Always be the hummingbird! Enjoy!



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One Small Step for Family Farming, One Giant Step for Little Seed Farm

Sprout Creek Farm Cheese Curds - Photo by Sprout Creek's Georgie Blaeser
Since this post was written our plans have changed. Check out this post for an update.
Big news on the Little Seed Farm front! Sweetbreads recently accepted an apprenticeship role at Sprout Creek Farm near Poughkeepsie, NY. We’ll be packing up and moving out at the end of November and she’ll be working on the farm for approximately 6 months. As we posted about previously, Sprout Creek operates a highly diversified farm (dairy, meat chickens, eggs, pork, lamb, goat, turkeys, etc), but really specializes in cheese. 
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Farm Hopping: Milking and Cheesemaking at Sprout Creek Farm

In the latest installment of Farm Hopping, Scrapple and Sweetbreads go to Sprout Creek Farm! Twice!

Sprout Creek Farm - Photo by Sprout Creek's Georgie Blaeser Sprout Creek Farm is a highly diversified farm with farm enterprises including dairy cows, sheep, pigs, meat & laying chickens, turkeys, an on-farm retail market and more. The farm is structured as a non-profit and is operated by the Society of the Sacred Heart. Sprout is most well-known for its cheese and youth summer camp. The farm produces 15 varieties of cheese from approximately 400,000 pounds of milk from herds of ~40 cows and ~65 goats. As if Sprout’s excellent cheese wasn’t enough of a highlight, the farm also offers kids the opportunity to spend the summer on the farm participating in all aspects of farming. Gardening, milking, animal husbandry, you name it! The staff’s ability to teach 10 yrs olds about farming turned out to be perfect for getting us up to speed!
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