The Father of our Kids - or - Preparing for the Arrival of our First Buck

When I started looking at the first milking does to bring on to the farm, namely Bridget, I joked with my Mom and some friends and family that I was going to meet "the future Mother of our kids". My mom, having as weird a sense of humor as I do, cracked up while other people were just confused. "Get it - Kids like goat kids!" Eh... not so much. 

Well, now we're preparing for the arrival of the father of our future kids - yes, goat kids! We're planning on bringing him to the farm this coming weekend and we're quite excited. We met our as-of-yet unamed Buck when he was just a few weeks old when we went to see Mayday and her daughters for the first time. When I brought The Buckling back to his home (the farm we got Mayday, Sabine, and Springbock from), I got to see our 

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