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The Year of the Farm - A Recap of 2012

Our most popular Facebook photo, little Joplin!

2012 was an incredible year for us. One blog post can't do the whole thing justice, but I'll take a stab at a quick summary.

Clearly, the biggest event was MOVING TO THE FARM! Leaving NYC in a 26 ft. Penske truck seems like it happened years ago. Hard to imagine it was only 10 months ago.

We packed up all our stuff and the day before we left we got our first animal. Sophie! One of our farmer friends gave her to us and she has since turned into a wonderful livestock guardian dog.

After we settled in for a week or two we happened upon our first goat, Bridget!

Then the animals started rolling in. More LGDs came onboard, Sheba and Izzy. A few weeks later our Highland beef cows were unloaded into the pasture. All of our pigs ran away and we subsequently captured.

We brought on a ton of guineas to eat all the bugs and ticks. Good thing it worked out and now we are just about tick-free.

Our first animal baby was born, little Joplin!

Lots of raw milk cheese was made.


We adopted baby Willow, who grew up to be quite a beefy little meat goat!

Willow couldn't walk and weighed less than 3 poundsWillow today

The company I worked for went under, so we both had a chance to work full-time on the farm...

Which led to our online farm shop opening!

And that's where we are today, trying to keep up with all you wonderful supporters and start finding retail stores to carry the soap. Speaking of which, if you know a store that might like our soaps, let us know! (

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Here's to a prosperous 2013! Cheers!

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