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Unearthing the Dream

Each Monday at Noon I'll be posting over on the Farm Dreams site as "The Aspiring Farmer". Every other weekday you'll find posts on homesteading, cheesemaking and more. Here's a glimpse at the first post. If you haven't scoped out the new site yet, go check it out!

The Aspiring Farmer Blog

We’re closing on a farm in two weeks. Wow. That’s a huge deal. So how did we end up owning land and a house in rural Tennessee?

At 26 years old I hadn’t dedicated much thought to the future. I had a good job, paid off my student loans, lived in the biggest city in America, and was generally pretty carefree. That was two years ago.
It was around then that I set my sights set on marriage. Once the prospect of matrimony became a reality I felt a strong sense of responsibility to take my family’s future into deeper consideration. The chief concern in my mind was knowing that we would lead happy and fulfilled lives. The normal 9 to 5 (or 8 to 7 in my case) wasn’t cutting it and I knew it would only get harder to leave if we didn’t cut the cord soon.
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