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Valentine Goats


If you haven't noticed, we're a bit obsessed with our farm animals here at Little Seed. They're not just animals to us - they're our herd! They feed us, they make us laugh (and cry), they're our close companions, and the first thing we think about when we wake up.        

So naturally, when we started selling our Farmstead Milk Soap, we thought they would make the best ambassadors. We decided that each soap would feature one of the very special goats who had helped make that bar, by being a part of our unique pastured milking herd. 

So one by one, as needed, I began sketching the goats... Bridget for our Oat Bar, Sabine for the Lavender Bar, and then little Willow for our Milk Bar. I hadn't sketched in a long time and I loved capturing these sweet and stubborn friends on paper. Before I knew it, the first set were done.



So I was ecstatic when the time came to draw more of them! These sketches of Karmen, Springbock, Gozer, and Zephyr will be the faces of a new set of Farmstead Milk Soaps, due to hit our Shop later this month (just in time for Valentine's Day) along with a few other goodies.