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We're Moved In!

Not to the farm, unfortunately. After filling up on turkey we spent the weekend moving to a new apartment. Our lease ends at the end of November, so that put us in a precarious situation.  We're about to own a farm about 1,000 miles away, but that’s no help! We need a place to live for a few months. In addition, we have the mortgage to shoulder and NY rents aren’t known to be very affordable.

Thankfully, one of my long-time friends had a spare “room” in her apartment, so she let us move in for a few months. I say “room” because it’s quite small and has no closet, but hey, it does the trick and we consider ourselves pretty lucky. By the end of last night we had moved everything we own into 200 square feet of space. One-hundred sq. ft. is in a storage facility in Queens (good thing they have high ceilings!). The other one-hundred sq. ft. is our new room.

I’d post a picture, but you wouldn’t have a very good “view”… just a corner full of boxes. It’s not everyone’s idea of Thanksgiving weekend, but we were very thankful the whole time. Thankful that we had each other, our families and our health. Thankful that we found a great place in Tennessee. Thankful that a friend had a place for us to live until we can officially move. And thankful for each and every small step that we make toward the Little Seed dream. It really starts to sink in now that we’ve left the apartment where Little Seed was first developed.

We’ll miss our old “home”.  It was our first place together. Sweetbreads’ first cheese was created in that kitchen. My first beer was fermented in the living room closet. I popped the big question and Sweetbreads fell over the couch.  We spent countless late nights planning, discussing and developing our future together.

It’s the first place I’ve left and been happy to see it go. I'll cherish the memories, but I relish the future even more.