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Why Breast Cancer Research?

The lovely smiling person smooching a goat and making Hand-Aid above is Kathryn. She was our first-ever hire - the first person I taught to make our products, and the person that showed me and James the joys of building our farm beyond just the two of us... the joys of being a part of a team!

That was over 10 years ago and now Kathryn isn’t just a critical member of the team as Skincare Production Lead, she’s also family to everyone at Little Seed (especially the goats!).  If you use our Deodorant Cream, Hand-Aid, Elasticity Serum, or basically anything other than our soap, it is very likely that Kathryn had a hand in making it.

In January 2016 we learned of Kathryn's diagnosis with Breast Cancer. Over the course of the next 4 months we watched as she tackled the prognosis head on. Through research she was able to make changes in her diet and seek out the best medical support available to help win her battle against Breast Cancer.

Today, approaching 8 years since the initial discovery, Kathryn is stronger and healthier than ever.

Because of developments in researching and fighting breast cancer, Kathryn is still part of our family, and now it’s our turn to make sure that research keeps getting the funding it needs.

That's why we're donating $1 for each jar of Deodorant Cream sold on our website through the month of October to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (a top-rated Charity where 90¢ of every dollar goes to research).

Our previous contributions have added up to over $80,000 in total.

Please join us this month in supporting Breast Cancer Research!

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