Zero Waste Shipping Primer

Did you know that we can ship your order with minimal or no waste?

You may have seen our “Zero Waste Shipping” option, and hopefully you’ve used it too!

Or perhaps you’re wondering what will happen when you click the "Zero Waste Shipping" checkbox on your next order? Watch the video or read our guide below to find out!

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4 Steps To My Best Winter Skin (And Self)

For so many years I just accepted that Fall and Winter were bad times for my skin and, well, me. Dry air outside and inside combined with increased sugar and coffee consumption (yep) and seasonal stress create the perfect storm for my sensitive skin and extra sensitive self.
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Why Breast Cancer Research?

Since 2017, every year throughout the month of October, for each jar of Deodorant Cream sold we donate $2 to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (a top-rated Charity where 90c of every dollar goes to research).

Learn about our "why" and how you can join in!

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Everything You Need To Know About Activated Charcoal

What is activated charcoal? How does it work? Why is it in so many skincare products these days? Read along for all the answers and more!
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The 3 Best Natural Deodorant Tips For Everyone

One of our favorite things to do around here is to help people make the switch to natural deodorant (woot woot!). Embracing this healthy and empowering change should be easy and fun, and we've found a few essential and, I'm going to say it - life changing, tips that can really move the dial when it comes to applying natural deodorant. Whether you're a natural deo pro or a newbie, these 3 tips will help maximize effectiveness and improve your experience. 
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