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Classic Handmade Cedar Wood Soap Dish


This draining soap dish will keep your Little Seed soap in optimal condition and greatly extend the life of each bar. 

Each Little Seed Classic Soap dish is carefully handcrafted using sustainably and locally sourced cedar wood.

Dimensions are approximately 3" x 4"

Please note: Each dish is unique and will vary in terms of colors, spots, knots and other characteristics. The individuality of your handmade dish makes it truly yours, and no one else's! 

We source the Cedar wood from saw mills based in Tennessee and the Southeast United States.

Our neighbor, Tommy Nation in Lebanon, TN, takes the raw wood, carves the design, meticulously sands, brands and finishes each dish by hand. 

The final result is a draining soap dish that is not only a work of art, but will also keep your soap looking and feeling its finest.

We use an environmentally-safe, water-based finish to protect your soap dish.

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