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Welcome To Week 1

A/B Test - AKA Dueling Pits

For this testing period you'll be using the Original Formula (in the regular labeled jar) in your left armpit and the Test Formula (with the white label) in your right armpit for the ultimate head-to-head competition!

This might seem a little silly, but it allows you to compare the effectiveness of each formulation throughout your day in the exact same conditions. A strenuous workout, stressful work meeting, kiddo meltdown, midterm exams - all of these scenarios can introduce new armpit chemistry via changing hormones presenting different challenges to your deo.

Let's see how each formulation holds up!



Check to verify that:

The Original Formula jar is labeled "Left Armpit"

The Test Formula jar is labeled "Right Armpit"

If you're missing a label, please write on the jar with a sharpie.


Start testing! For the next 7 days, apply the Original Formula to your Left Armpit and the Test Formula to your Right Armpit, otherwise applying and using as you normally would. Please be diligent in using the same formula in the same armpit as effectiveness does carry over from day to day.



At the end of week 1 be sure to check your email for your A/B Test Feedback Survey. From there we'll give you your next set of instructions for the rest of the testing period.


More of a visual learner? We made you a Week 1 instructional video!

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