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Chickens Only

Wynonna the Wyandotte, settling into a nice dust bath.

The more time we spend with our animals, the more entertaining they become. The chickens are one of my favorite clans to watch as they free-range around the farm. They mostly stick around the coop and barn area, but I recently discovered their secret hideout, right next to the house. One day I was out checking on our garden beds, no chickens in sight, when I heard a little squawk and then silence. I looked around, still no chickens. Then, a few minutes later I saw Elvis, our Silkie rooster, heading toward the rose bushes. He stopped at the edge of the rose bed, and then quickly ducked inside.

Elvis, showing his IDI took a look and sure enough, the whole gang was there! The chickens have a speakeasy! Well, it's like a cross between a speakeasy and a chicken spa - complete with dust baths, shade, and bug snacks galore, engulfed in intoxicating rose perfume. They can be found there almost every day at around 10am although I pretend not to see them as the first time I discovered it Freja expressed her annoyance by squawking at me for about 10 minutes... Not an experience I want to repeat. One of them is always guarding the entrance and only chickens are allowed in. The guineas are insanely jealous of this special spot and have been known to raid the club when the chickens are out snacking in the pastures.

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