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Eileen, our Co-Founder, featured by designer Elizabeth Suzann

Almost 5 years ago now, I left my career in fashion design to start a sustainable farm with James. My reasons for leaving fashion behind were many, but mainly the move stemmed from a deep moral discomfort with the new "fast fashion" ethos that valued fast cheap production with total disregard for the damages it inflicted on the environment and the people that produced it.

Now, years later, I'm so honored and excited to be featured as a muse for the talented and inspiring Elizabeth Suzann  - a designer who's company strives to "do things right". Her gorgeously clean and modern pieces are all made here in Nashville, from sketch to sewing. Her focus on natural fibers, sustainable practices, and modern and elegant, yet oh so practical and durable design and construction gives me faith in the world. 

While the weather was still warm and the grass was green, the ES team came out to the farm to capture some images for the feature. We enjoyed a morning of harvesting herbs, making plant exctracts, and snuggling the babies (human and goat!) while talking all things farm, fashion, motherhood, and more. 

Link through here to visit the ES blog for the interview and more photos!