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Our Natural Deodorant Is Here! Here's Everything You Need To Know To Make The Switch From Conventional To Natural Deo.

Give yourself a huge pat on the back! You've decided to make the switch to natural deodorant - your body and the environment thank you and we're so glad to have you join our pit party! We've compiled some great tips and tricks to make the newbie's transition as easy as possible and optimize the natural deo pro's experience with our Deodorant Cream

If you're still on the fence and are here for more info, I recommend that you first read up on why you might want to consider switching from a conventional aluminum based antiperspirant/deodorant to our natural Deodorant Cream. This article in Mother Earth Living addresses the key talking points. 

Lets Do This - Step By Step Transition

You're in? Ok!  Lets get down to business. This great article from tree hugger breaks it down for you step by step. Here are some helpful tips from the article:

1. Buy a good product. (Shop our Deodorant HERE)


2. Make sure you’re clean.

Lather up those armpits thoroughly to ensure all traces of sweat, old deodorant, and bacteria are gone by the time you apply. If you do detect an odor during the day, wash with soap and water, or give your pits a quick wipe-down with some apple cider vinegar, then reapply natural deodorant.

2. Apply more than once.

With natural deodorant, you can’t apply in the morning and forget about it. If you’re going out for the day, take your deodorant along and reapply a couple times throughout the day. If using a liquid roll-on, such as the Geranium Deodorant, let it dry fully on your armpits before putting on a shirt.

Little Seed Note **I disagree here! We and our testers have been fine with one morning application. 

3. Wear natural fabrics.

Cotton, wool, bamboo, and hemp fabrics are much better at wicking away moisture than synthetic clothes. They also hold in less odor and wash out better than synthetics, which can start to stink after a while.

4. Drink water and eat well.

Hydration has the effect of ‘watering down’ your sweat; it won’t smell as strong. Certain foods can also make your sweat smell more pungent, making it harder for the natural deodorant to mask. According to Berkeley Wellness of the University of California, these include vegetables in the Brassica family, such as cauliflower, broccoli, and cabbage, because they contain sulfur; red meat; alcohol; and strong spices such as curry, fenugreek, and cumin.

5. It’s fine to feel damp.

We need to get over our cultural abhorrence for damp armpits. Damp doesn’t necessarily mean smelly; it’s just a difference sensation from the perfectly dry armpits to which we’ve grown accustomed over the last half-century.

6. Give it time.

Your body needs time to adjust. If your armpit pores have been blocked daily for years, there will be a lot of build-up that needs to get flushed out before your pores can start working and sweating normally again. Seek out sweaty activities to get that flow moving. As a former profuse-sweater, I have found that the longer I go using natural deodorant, the less I sweat overall. Patience is key. Give your body time to transition and don’t expect instant changes. Live with it, work with it, and you’ll figure out a way to make natural deodorant work for you.

How Do I Use A Deodorant Cream?

Good question! Most people begin the switch from conventional aluminum based deodorant to natural with another stick dispensed deodorant. The cream can seem a little exotic and daunting even for experienced natural deo users but we're here to tell you that you will love it once you get past the initial weirdness. It's quite simple to use - just scoop a pea sized amount (like you see above) out with your finger and gently massage into your clean armpit! There are even some benefits - massaging your underarms daily helps improve lymph drainage and is also makes it very easy to remember to do breast self-exams (at least once a month). Any product left on your fingertips can be massaged into your hands - the ingredients are moisturizing and safe enough to eat. 

I'm Having Detox Issues :( What do I do?

If you experience any itching or redness, take a day to reset. Cleanse your underarm area gently, but well, splash with vinegar, and once the issue disappears, begin again, but with less product. Start with about half of what you were using. We've found that newbies often over-apply as they're worried about effectiveness, start with just a little and build up gradually if you feel like you need more coverage! 

Can I Re-apply During The Day?

Have an interview, date, or special event and want to be sure you're extra fresh? We think most likely you won't feel the need, but if you do, it's totally fine to re-apply during the day once your body has adjusted to natural deodorant. Here's the best way to do it: 

1. Spritz your underarms with your favorite toner or witch hazel. Natural deodorant is most effective when you apply it to CLEAN skin. If you can't take a moment to wash your armpits, spritzing will give you as close to a clean surface as you can get on the fly. 

2. Re-apply, but use a little less than you usually do to avoid buildup. Unless you suds up, a little of your first application will be left on your skin. 

My Deodorant Cream is firmer than I expected. Help!

In cooler environments the coconut oil (an awesome natural odor fighter!) in our formulation hardens up a bit. You'll notice this especially if your house is cooling down a lot at night, or if it's winter and your deodorant cream was shipped and spent time out in the cold. Never fear! Coconut oil softens at 76f - once it sits on your finger (or armpit) for a few seconds, our cream will be soft and easily spreadable.

On cold mornings I use the back of my fingernail to scoop out a bit, put it on my armpit, lower my arm for a second to warm it up, and then rub it in. If you dislike scooping with your fingernail, you can cut a 2" piece of a wooden coffee stirrer and use that as a scoop - it works wonderfully!

The formulation will never be as soft as a lotion, but if you would prefer it to be softer, you can loosen it up considerably by placing the jar in a bowl of warm water. After it's warmed, it should stay noticeably softer.

What are these little beads in my Deodorant Cream?

These little beads are a common occurrence with natural Shea Butter, one of the great ingredients in our Deodorant. Shea has several different types of fatty acids (which are all amazing for your skin!). When temperatures rise, the Shea butter melts, and then the fats combine. When the fats cools again, if they cool slowly at room temperature, they solidify or harden, at different speeds, causing little beads to form. Keep in mind that Shea butter melts at the same temperature as human skin (one reason why we love it so much), which also means that sunshine, travel, humidity, sitting close to a heater, or being in a hot bathroom can all cause fluctuations in the texture of the cream.  You will have noticed that the beads will melt into your skin on contact when you apply the cream (or after a few moments if it's chilly out).
Fortunately none of these will affect how effective it is or decrease your shelf life :) 
To dissolve the beads and return your deodorant cream to a smooth state, follow these instructions:
1. Remove the lid (very important!)
2. Place the jar (without lid) in the microwave and heat on 10 second bursts until melted. 
3. Give a quick stir with a knife or skewer.
4. Pop in the refrigerator until firm.
5. Enjoy smooth deodorant! 

Have any other questions?

Please email us at and we will happily answer! Switching to our natural Deodorant Cream has been one of the most satisfying things we've done recently - we can't wait to hear how it goes for you!



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