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Goat Kidding Season A Success

 The final two

As of this afternoon we are officially past our first goat kidding season. Mayday, one of our original does, gave birth to a beautiful little doeling and quite possibly the cutest buckling we've ever seen. Our grand total comes to 10 kids with 7 doelings and 3 bucklings. Everyone was born healthy and all of the moms are in great shape. There were very few surprises, other than the first goat kidding three days before her due date! We are thrilled and thankful that it all went well. Thanks everyone for all the kind words and for joining us through this adventure.

Mayday's buckling

As beginning farmers you always expect the worst and pray for the best. Intense preparation during the weeks leading up to the births really helped us through it. Our friends at Edgwick Farm gave us wonderful recommendations for what to have on-hand. Spur of the moment questions and concerns were happily answered by neighbors and fellow goat-raisers. Goat-raising books provided solid advice. And of course, our trusty friend Google saved the day a few times when we needed to see images to make sure everything "looked" ok. 

Everything looks ok

And so now it's on to milking, cheesemaking, bottle-feeding, and so on. We'll have an update post soon, it's been far too long. Hopefully we'll get back to posting more frequently, it's been a busy time!