Hello, We're James and Eileen

After over 1.5 years of writing blog posts under our offal pseudonyms we finally came to the conclusion that it's time to use our own names. Hell, it's almost Spring, why not start it off with a bang?

Back when we had jobs in the city and no one knew our true aspiration to become farmers (gasp!) it seemed more prudent to keep our names under wraps. We didn't want to cause any trouble for (or with) our employers, as many of you can understand. But at the same time we wanted to share our experience and thus came the monikers of Scrapple and Sweetbreads.

It's been a wonderful experience and we've met so many incredible people through the blog. We're looking forward to continuing down that road and now, finally, also having the opportunity to form some face-to-face friendships with our local customers this coming year! 

It's been a joy writing the blog and interacting with so many wonderful readers on a daily basis. We look forward to continuing the story under our real names.

And now back to our regularly scheduled farm posts...


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