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"I Hope You Keep Making Soap"

First soap package 2013 and we are still making soap in 2017!

First package style from 2013 and we are still making soap in 2017!

We've heard this refrain from a number of customers recently. Most of them are already reordering for a second or third time. Clearly, it's a huge compliment and we couldn't be happier with the customer feedback thus far. But that specific comment always seemed to linger in my head. "I hope you keep making soap."

What does it mean?

To me, it's a broader commentary on small businesses in general. Our customers, by and large, are people that support small businesses. Perhaps they enjoy knowing the people making their goods and providing their services. Maybe they're seeking out higher quality products that are produced in ways that fit their value systems. Who knows. But it's clear from their comment that they've seen small businesses come and go and they're holding out hope that we don't fall into the "go" category.

These customers are smart. They realize that we're a brand new business and we're not big enough to be paying all of our bills. This greatly increases the likelihood that one day our soaps might not be around, an event that they're hoping doesn't happen.

And so my response is to elicit their help. Aside from continuing to use our products, one way to help is to spread the word! Us small businesses don't have big marketing budgets and we have very limited time allocated to actually selling the product. So, if you like our soap, tell your friends and family about it, send them a soap in the mail or let them try it out at your house. Tell your local shop owner that he or she should contact us about a wholesale relationship. Share feedback with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Word of mouth is powerful!

Now back to making soap!


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