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Postcards from Little Seed - 8.25.12

Little Joplin always has the best hairdo.
Our county fair just opened last week. The display of canned foods entered into the competition was quite impressive!
Bridget and Willow continue to bond with morning snuggles and grazing lessons daily.

Just yesterday we installed a new queen into the hive by the pond. Hopefully tomorrow when we check on them again she will have been released by her accepting new attendants. Fingers crossed!

Some mornings now, when I'm milking, it sounds like a flash flood has swept over the farm. Really, it's just the dang guineas on the roof again!
After the drought broke, dozens of wild passion flower vines sprung back to life on the farm and now we're patiently waiting for their delicious fruits to ripen.
Willow and the feathered gang hanging out on the pack patio, sunbathing, in the late morning.
Little Willow's got hops now! Here she is flying off a straw bale that was supposed to be a squash garden before it became a goat trampoline!