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Transitioning to Farm Life - Sweetbreads

I would love to see a post about how you're adjusting to the long hours, hard work, and general transition to farm life. Also relative social isolation after leaving the city. 

You're the first person to ask just the right questions. Everyone of our friends and family that we speak with or see in person want's to know how we're adjusting. Do we like it as much as we thought we would? Do we miss the city? Are probably the questions we are asked most often and 


I'll address the "general transition" part of your question first because, well, it touches a bit on everything.


There are so many facets of the change we made that it's really tricky to know where to start. I'll start on the most basic level - our everyday routine, and how that change has affected us.

Previously, at 8am, I would be stretching in bed, getting ready to leap out of it and rush to get ready by 8:30/9 (really more like 9, but that's ok if you're a creative in NYC!). Scrapple would have left for work about 30 minutes ago. Getting ready involved putting together an outfit (must inspire boss and colleagues yet not be too crazy! Shoes must not have been worn yesterday, better if they've never been worn), doing my makeup and hair. Once out the door I'd hobble a few blocks in some impossibly high heels

This is what my day has looked like lately:

I'm out of bed by 6:45 (it started as 6, but the goats and I have accepted that I will never be a morning person). While chasing down a baby goat running amok in our bedroom, I manage to throw on a t-shirt (possibly worn the day before yesterday) and some jeans (definitely worn yesteday) before rolling downstairs. In the kitchen I slip on my "snake boots" and head outside. Scrapple is either feeding the chickens or watering the garden when I walk out to the goats in the pastures. On my way, Sophie and Sheeba pop out of their little early morning resting spots in the tall grass and come up for a little scratch and love. I round up the herd and walk them back to the barn. On my way, Willow will thunder out to the back of the barn and start calling to Bridget, who calls back in a super sweet goat momma voice I've never herd her use before Willow. Bridget gets the stand first and Willow nurses while she's up there. Actually, now, Willow nurses one side while I hand milk the other. It's the best :). Then I milk Mayday, Almost, and finally, Zephyr. I strain the milk and then collect a bit of guinea food before bringing the goats back out to their paddock. Once the goats are in (often involves rounding up Mayday in some obscure spot that she has decided she absolutely must munch on), I feed the guineas and give them fresh water. I head back into the house and wash down all of the milking equipment. Somewhere in here either Scrapple or I have started the french press and gulped down a cup or two. 

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