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20+ Weird & Wonderful Ways to Reuse LSF Glass


Reuse Roundup!


It happened.

You finally used the last dab of your LSF Deodorant and you're wondering what to do with the glass jar.

You could add it to the recycling bin, or better yet send it to us via our Return Program... but have you considered reusing the jar and giving it a 2nd life?

Well, good news! We rounded up 20+ ways to inspire your reuse dreams. Which one will you try next? 


Image via Sanctuary Botanicals

Food Storage 

Glass jars are excellent for food storage. Here are a few ideas!

Karly says: "I use them for baby food jars."


    We love Alycia's cotton ball-free nail polish remover hack: "I just put a pair of sponges in one jar and poured nail polish remover in, it works amazing!!" 


    • Organize vitamins and supplements.
    • Hold your Bamboo Deodorant Applicator.
    • Contain your collection of bobby pins and hair ties.
    • Pack away the perfect amount of laundry detergent for a trip.
    • Toss in loose screws and nails for garage organization.
    • Store odds and ends for tidy desk drawers.
    • Store craft supplies like glitter, twine, sequins, and beads.

    Dropper Bottle Reuse

    How about the dropper bottles from our Elasticity and Antioxidant Serums? Yes, you can reuse those too! Just be sure to sanitize your bottle before reuse!

    Reuse Pro Tips

    • Use a Brillo pad to scrub off the screenprinting on the jar.
    • Try a wax pencil or masking tape to re-label your jars.
    • Go pro with a label maker to get all fancy with it.


    If reuse just isn't happening right now, don't stress about it! Visit our Return and Reuse page and send them back to us. We'll happily put 'em back to work.


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