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Why Goat's Milk?


The heart of our soap and skincare products is the raw materials that we produce here at the farm. The all-star on our roster is the raw goat’s milk produced by our grassfed herd.


Goat's Milk Magic 🥛✨ 

Well, that’s the short answer. Goat's milk is naturally rich in all the things your skin is craving, gifted with a built in "delivery system", and so much more! Let's geek out together over just how amazing this GOAT skincare essential is: 


Superior Moisturization

Goat's milk is gentle, nourishing, and full of moisturizing butterfat that soothes dry or irritated skin. Because of its unique structure (in particular its short protein strands - the built in delivery system), the abundance of natural minerals and vitamins in our goat's milk is easily absorbed into your skin, helping to moisturize, protect, and heal.



Gentle Exfoliation For Glowy Skin

Lactic Acid, an AHA (alpha hydroxy acid), helps dissolve the bonds that hold dead skin cells together, gently cleanses skin (without harsh chemical exfoliants!) and leaves you with smooth and glowy skin. 


Vitamin A FTW

The Vitamin A in goat's milk (a retinoid) promotes the production of healthy skin cells, can help prevent acne, and can even banish Keratosis pilaris (AKA "chicken skin", which usually develops on the upper arms).


Why Our Goat's Milk?

Unlike the powdered milk used in most goat's milk products, our goat's milk is always fresh from our sustainably and humanely raised herd.

The Little Seed goats spend their days in the sun and fresh air while rotational grazing on our organically maintained pastures. This practice nurtures goat health holistically, and regenerates the earth by improving soil microbe diversity and fertility on our 84 acre farm.

Thank You, Goats!

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