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Local, Organic, Free-Range. Is it All About the Taste?

Truly free-range chicken enjoying the pasture

Does Your Local, Free-Range Turkey Taste Better?

When it comes to “alternative” food production, such as organic and local, there’s plenty of skepticism. Recently, I’ve heard a lot people asking whether the food tastes better. Whenever the origins of a free-range Thanksgiving turkey are discussed there’s almost always someone asking if it tastes better. In another instance I asked our brewing grain provider if he could source some local or organic grains and his response was the same: “I’d be curious if the beer would even taste better.” I’m always baffled because better taste is one of the last things I think about.
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We're Moved In!

Not to the farm, unfortunately. After filling up on turkey we spent the weekend moving to a new apartment. Our lease ends at the end of November, so that put us in a precarious situation.  We're about to own a farm about 1,000 miles away, but that’s no help! We need a place to live for a few months. In addition, we have the mortgage to shoulder and NY rents aren’t known to be very affordable.

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From Us and These Turkey's Butts, Happy Thanksgiving!

Turkeys tell us how they really feel about Thanksgiving

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Milch Cows & Dairy Farming: An 1860's Book to be Remembered

Me and my little sister posing with cute smiles (surely in the middle of a battle!)
Among my favorite wedding presents was a book my sister gave us. The book is called Milch Cows and Dairy Farming, authored by Charles Flint and printed in 1860. Charles Flint dedicated the book to The Mass. State Board of Agriculture, the Mass. Society for the Promotion of Agriculture and the Various Agricultural Societeies of the United States, Whose Efforts Have Contributed So Largely to Improve the Dairy Stock of Our Country.
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End of the Summer CSA Season

The vegetable fields at our CSA group's farm, Garden of Eve on Long Island in NY
Our CSA ended its summer season last weekend and it made me think of how much has happened since we first started sourcing our food intentionally. Our farm dream was largely influenced by our self-education on the industrialized food system. Combine that with our desire to start a business and pursue a different life together and you have our vision of Little Seed and sustainable farming.
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