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2011 - Remembering an Epic Year

If there's one thing I'll definitely remember about 2011 it's the over-use of the word "epic". It drives me crazy.
Ok, that's not completely true, 2011 was full of many wonderful memories and significant events. So much so that I want to recap some of it.



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To Pasteurize Or Not To Pasteurize...

fiorello, pecorino, cheese, italy, pasteurization, raw milk cheeseFiorello Checking The Temp - Porta Dei Parchi

Until recently, Scrapple and I had been focused on the idea of 
producing aged raw milk cheeses. It made sense to make the most of the delicious and nutrient rich milk our pastured cows would produce and it fit with our ideals and vision for Little Seed.

I say "until recently" because, well, we've started to consider the option of pasteurization for a small percentage of our cheesemaking milk supply. Why? 
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Seeing Signs

john deere, toy tractor, metal, little seed, farm, tennesseeour lucky tractor  I'm a little superstitious...just enough.

Enough to have felt chills when the vintage jag I had dreamed of driving since I was 10 (I would look so badass!) sat abandoned in the driveway of the farm on our first visit.

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Buying Points vs. Higher Down Payment

During the course of buying the farm an interesting question came up about “buying points”. This was our first mortgage so I was pretty curious about everything going on with the banks and inspectors and such. Our lender casually mentioned the option of buying points and then quickly dismissed it as something that no one ever does. In fact, she had only seen it done once. When she said that I got even more interested.

I know not all beginning (or existing) farmers will be able to buy land, but for those who do I thought this topic would be helpful. There's not much good info about the trade-offs between buying points and putting down a larger down payment online, so this is just my own analysis, I'm very welcome to other opinions.

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Photo Hunt Contest Extended

Well, I guess it was a little more difficult than I expected. The guesses have been close, but we definitely haven't had three correct ones yet. So here's what we're doing:

1.) Extending the contest for another day or two

2.) I've uploaded a larger picture to our site, which you can find here: BIG Photo Hunt Photo

Submit your answers on the original post here

For everyone that already submitted, you still have hope! If we don't get enough right answers we'll throw all your names in a random generator and pick a couple lucky winners. Or you could pass the contest along to friends and split the spoils. Good luck!

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