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Farm Photo Hunt & Holiday Surprise Giveaway!

In college I always looked forward to playing Photo Hunt at the local bar down the street. You know the one I'm talkin' about! Anyway, I don't get to play that too often these days. However, waking up on the farm Sunday morning I had to do a double-take when the sun finally rose and I could see the yard. Giant leaves were moving around on the ground, like a bunch a worms crawling all over the place. Then I realized it was the birds! Seemingly hundreds of them lined the driveway eating the fallen berries from the ornamental pear trees. The vast majority were robins, but plenty of cardinals and blue jays were sprinkled in between. 

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DIY Holiday Gifts - Gingerbread Stout and Honeyed Goat Butter Caramels

diy gifts, candy, caramels, beerHomemade Gingerbread Stout and Goat Butter and Honey Caramels
It's the final countdown - the home stretch! Are you ready!? No? Ha - well, neither are we! Almost, but not quite. With all of the excitement around these parts over the past few weeks, I still have a few loose ends to tie up, or in this case, twist up. Inspired by a booming resurrection of homemade sweets in Brooklyn, I decided to conquer my fear of boiling lava-like sugar (lets face it - EVERYONE has a horror story) and try my hand at candy making. Even if it had been borderline harrowing, the swoon inducing results by themselves would have been enough for me to try to convince you to give it a try, but seeing as it actually turned out to be easy and scare-free, you officially have no excuse not to indulge - especially if you're running short on your gift list. You can do it!
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Back in the City, Farm in the Country

Well, I'm back in the city now. Sweetbreads gets in later today. I got in late last night to be back for work this morning. The farm's about 1,000 miles away in Tennessee. It's tough not being out there after we got our feet wet this weekend. Waking up with a yard literally full of robins, cardinals, blue jays and many other not-so-brightly-colored-so-I-can't-identify-them birds is much better than trash trucks in Brooklyn! The good news though is that we finally worked through all the little hitches and closed on Friday! Even if we won't officially move in for a while it's good to have some finality and really start digging in to planning.

View of the barns. One will stay, one will go.

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Closing on the Farm - Nobody Said It'd Be Easy!

It's Tuesday afternoon, just wrapping up a couple meetings that have been WAY too long. Looking forward to heading home, eating a meal and planning what to pack for our trip out to Tennessee for the closing on Friday. "Only three more days" I think to myself, "then we’re really locked in!" About that time the phone in my pocket starts buzzing incessantly. One ring doesn’t really surprise me, but multiple calls in a row gets a little worrisome. Now I want out of this meeting even more.
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Insurance for the Small Farm

Following up on the First Time Farm-Buyer's Checklist, I posted some thoughts on insurance over on beginningfarmers.org. What are your experiences with insurance?

1.) Proximity to fire station

When we were looking at properties we hadn’t considered the fact that insurance companies might prefer it if we were close to a fire station! Wait, aren’t fire stations all over the place? Well, turns out if you’re in the middle of nowhere they could be pretty far away. These types of things don’t cross us city-folks’ minds.

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