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The Herd Goes Organic - Sprouting Grains for Feed

Sprouted spelt and wheat
As I bet you can tell, Scrapple and I aren't necessarily about doing things the easy way. We've set out down this path to do them the right way, or at least the way we believe that to be. This mindset led us to rotational grazing, which, while being a bit on the labor intensive side, has the overwhelming benefits of providing our herd with a variety of fresh, nutrient dense, forages daily and enhances the land with the amazing fertilizing feature of our four legged friends
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Nevat, Our Newest Adopted Baby Animal

Nevat, following us to round up the milkers on a particularly windy day

Following the tradition of adopting small, white, baby animals, this past week we welcomed Nevat to Little Seed Farm. Our neighbors found Nevat a couple miles down the road in the forest. She was howling in the woods like a coyote and was far too cute to leave to fend for herself. Despite an unhealthy coat full of fleas and ticks our neighbors knew a beautiful puppy lay beneath. They also knew she could find a happy home with us.

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Grandpa's Visit and The Tale of Billy Whiskers

As many of you know, we had the extreme honor of hosting Sweetbreads’ 100 yr old Grandpa George a couple weeks ago. He flew from Florida by himself and was accompanied at the farm by my Mother In-Law, who it wouldn't have been possible without. She made the visit seamless.

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The $500 Hoop House for Hay Storage

Attaching the hoops. Old red barn in the background.

We're remodeling an old red barn that was used for milking cows in the 1970's and 80's. It's been abandoned since then and was infested with termites, brown recluse spiders, and who knows what else (actually, I know everything else that was in there, but the list is way too long).

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First Breeding Season - Triumphs and Travails

We are just wrapping up our first attempt at breeding the dairy goats naturally. We are not using AI (artificial insemination) this season. But I won’t bore you with the specifics of all that. This is a time for stories. Stories that are a daily experience of farming. Stories that might offend some people who haven't lived with animals that are only concerned with eating, mating and sleeping. Yet it's everyday life for us, so relax and enjoy.

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