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Good Morning (or anytime of day!)! Love, Elvis

Elvis is all about the crowing these days! His comb is finally starting to come in and it's as if he wants everyone to know "I"M A MAN!" ehm, or rooster as it may be... He still loves to face the barn wall for the accoustics but now also has the confidence to let it out wherever, whenever!


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Little Janis On the Way

Janis and Corrina, enjoying some morning grazing

When we first moved in our rickety old well-house had some busted up electrical sockets and all kinds of stuff would spark and certain sockets wouldn't work and others wouldn't stop working. So I had in my mind that I would fix them. Upon further introspection and open encouragement from Sweetbreads we decided to call an electrician.

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Weaning. Ugh.

We started the process of weaning Sabine the day before yesterday. This involves separating her from her mother, Mayday, who she has been nursing on for her entire 3 months of being. To make this work we need to keep Sabine in a place where her mom is inaccessible, basically, in a paddock far away from the rest of our goats for a bit. Goats are herd animals and having Sabine be by herself during weaning would make an already trying time even more stressful, so we chose Karmen, one of the more adventurous and spunky Nubian kids to keep her company. Karmen had been weaned when we brought her and three other Nubian doelings to our farm from their previous home at a dairy a few hours away. She and her floppy eared friends had adjusted quickly to life without mom and milk, and we hoped she'd pass that attitude on to Sabine as well as give her some comfort with her presence. 

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Postcards from Little Seed 6.25.12

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Dog Coat Blowin' In the Wind

This past week it started to get hot out here. Consistently above 90, somewhat high humidity, but still kinda dry for Tennessee because we haven’t had much rain. The dogs have been going nuts at night with the coyotes all around. Sheba has noticeably lost some weight, so we’re feeding a bit more than we usually would. Sophie is still her playful self, but you can see it in the dogs, they’re much more on-guard than they've ever been. Instead of sleeping in the shade during the daytime they’ll regularly move back and forth between the pastures, sometimes pausing for a while in the middle. We found scat around that appears to be coyote, but tough to know for sure. No animal losses yet, but I think we’ll get a few more dogs...

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